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What’s on a USB Album? | J+J+J

What’s on a USB Album?

10 Fresh new jams!
-Anonymous Party Starters
-Old People (Take Back the Nite)
-Lightning Eaters (We Are)
-Tiny Voice
-Disco Circus
-1986 (Ghost Song)
-What’s Your Problem?
-BedSide Astrologer

Our Very First Live Performance Ever!!!
October 14th, 2002!!!!
Schuba’s Tavern
We look like we’re 5, and we sound/act like nerds. (Mostly Johnny)

Pdf’s with full Album info, Artwork, and Shoutouts.
Also, a condensed version of Jettison Quarterly Fall 2009 issue featuring J+J+J interview.

Creative corner:
GarageBand Sessions and Separate isolated audio “Stems” for you to make your own remixes of some of our songs!!!
Don’t forget to send a copy to us:)

USB Drives are fully erasable and re-writable.
You can delete all of our stuff and put your own stuff on it!
The Sky is the Limit!!!