Joanna and Johnny met over 10 years ago at a punk rock show in a church parking lot in Schiller Park, IL (Home of the Hostess Twinkie). The two became romantically and musically involved shortly thereafter. The Third “J” in J+J+J is Jesus.

J+J+J create Synthesizer Music in just the same way they met: without over thinking it, and without forcing it. It is purely natural and effortless. When you are listening to a J+J+J composition, you can hear these forces at work. A J+J+J song is combination of both complementary and supportive energies that melt together to breath as an active reflection of their own personalities. Joanna and Johnny have so many things in common, yet they always manage to find a way to discover new things in their synthesizers and in each other…

J+J+J feel most at home in front of a live audience. From the largest dance clubs to the underground basement shows, J+J+J understand the most important thing is that everyone wants to laugh and dance. This is because J+J+J represent the average, everyday person. J+J+J’s effect on an audience is a feeling of being hugged by an electronic collection of soothing vines and magnificent bass beat trees in a forest of computer interpreted singing. Joanna and Johnny transmit wave after wave of powerful synth melodies that never waver…and always deliver!

J+J+J have something to offer for everyone. Because in the end, they are the same as you and I… except for the 150 pounds of gear on stage!

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